Man Catcalls Women During Anti-Catcalling Report

  • Опубликовано: 7 лет назад

    подписчиков: 164 тыс.

    Patrick Jones (@Patrick_E_Jones) heads out to cover the new anti-catcalling signs popping up around New York. He finds a man who believes cat calling is a sure-fire way to pick up women.
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hanito294 +3

Does he honestly think that the woman will turn around and go "wow what's that beautiful sound?" ?! That's how you treat a dog, not a human. Ew.

6 лет назад
Chicha Pwease +782
Chicha Pwease

Considering the fact that he mentions the girls being scared when he's done that it was what really get on my nerves. IF YOU KNOW THEY FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE OR SCARED WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU SHOULD KEEP DOING IT?

6 лет назад
Backyard Sequoia +268
Backyard Sequoia

Dude whistles

6 лет назад
Facemelter +3

Look at that face. That is the face of a man that regrets absolutely nothing.

7 лет назад
Anna Banana +72
Anna Banana

I have no problem with a man giving me a compliment on the street. However, I don’t want to be whistled at or called like I’m an animal. You need to be classy about it. Either way Cat calling doesn’t work for men so not sure why they do it.

3 года назад
Luis Lopez +2
Luis Lopez

LMAO "Another day ruined" ahah perfect

6 лет назад
IgnoreThisComment OrDont +3
IgnoreThisComment OrDont

This guy seems like the type to borrow $20 and, instead of returning it, ask to borrow $50

7 лет назад
that one random YouTube channel +4
that one random YouTube channel

I love how this guy is fully acknowledging that what he’s doing is wrong “you gotta get some distance because sometimes they get scared” like dude what on earth is wrong with you?!?

21 день назад
Hannah Jayne Usher +156
Hannah Jayne Usher

"Another day ruined." Oh the sass, that moment was fantastic.

7 лет назад
Diana Andrea Garza R +753
Diana Andrea Garza R

-“how would you call a dog?”

Год назад
MeLiBu 99 +16
MeLiBu 99

Insulting a cat caller in their presence is the one of best feelings ever yesterday I was walking with my older sister to target and we passed by some guy and when we were far enough my sister told me there was a creep saying gross stuff to us (I didn’t notice since i was wearing headphones). I then yelled “FUCKING LOSER” me and my sis started laughing (at him) he just delivered a dumbfounded “what?” I just hope he knows we were laughing at him and not with him 😂(idk if he was laughing but just in case was). He really was a loser it was late at night in the city, in a pandemic where there’s almost no one outside I wonder how long he’s been standing there just to cat call the very few women who pass by him.

Год назад
ReachSkyla +634

He should've ask the guy how many women he actually got to stop and talk to him with his lovely "mating calls'. It would've been good data.

6 лет назад
Agatha +2

When he enters hell the first thing he'll hear is "tsk tsk, hey sweetheart yo"

6 лет назад
? +58

I absolutely lost it when the reporter said at the end

4 года назад
Hanna 19 +4
Hanna 19

I am so confused. I hear about cat-calling all of the time from the internet, but here in Europe I have neither experienced this, nor has anyone told me about it or have I seen it on the streets. Does cat-calling mostly happen in America or is it just a wonder that it doesn't happen here in Switzerland?

7 лет назад
enjoyitbro +794

i bet that guy has the worst body odor

5 лет назад
Talitha Leman +10
Talitha Leman

"Another day ruined." I loved the interviewer.

Год назад
CuteSophiea +346

He literally said "It's better if they are further away, they as less scared" he knows they get scared and dont like it....

4 года назад
Sally 1 +377
Sally 1

Oh man, I am so attracted to a man who whistles at me like a dog. That's a way to win me over for sure. I'll marry that man in a heartbeat!

5 лет назад
mike4ty4 +69

I don't think catcalls will pick up women. I think they'll just turn 'em off faster than a spring-loaded high voltage switch. I know I wouldn't be turned on by a catcall if I were a woman. I'd think they were a big stuck up jerk. It's appalling this guy thinks that a woman is to be called by using the same sound one would utilize to summon a dog. Almost like that women and dogs are somehow equal in his mind. Disgusting.

6 лет назад


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