Man Takes Flight With Custom Built Bird Wings

  • Опубликовано: 10 лет назад

    подписчиков: 164 тыс.

    A Dutch mechanical engineer is thrilled his custom-built bird wings achieved his dream of taking flight. After working on the human-bird wings for eight months, Jarno Smeets is making history and causing a viral controversy since there are skeptics who say the video of him flying is fake. Maureen Aladin has more.
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Amanda Dale +28
Amanda Dale

I have always DREAMED of having my own feathered wings, and being able to fly, maybe it will come true.

Adony Estimon +17
Adony Estimon

My entire life ive literally dreamed of this. Even to this day i still stare up at the sky and get jealous of all the birds flying and im a grown ass man now lol. If I had the money and know how Id partner with someone to come up a mechanical device that flaps the wings for you since we humans just dont have the muscle power to do so. Hopefully some really smart person with a lot of money has the same dream as me and decides to go out and try to make it happen. Id give him my money in a heart beat.

3 года назад
Fatterhorner +1

I know the video is faked, but this is exactly what I mean whenever I say "I want to fly" not in a plane, not on a jetpack, on wings of my own.

6 лет назад
Janina Moorehead +9
Janina Moorehead

He came out on television saying that it was a hoax. But, heck yes! It looks so awesome. I love how technology has progressed to this level!

10 лет назад
Phull Kname +348
Phull Kname

Flying is easy. Taking off & landing, not so much.

6 лет назад
The Fox +211
The Fox

Imagine actually doing something like that and then being able to say "I broke physics with a Wiimote".

3 года назад
Paul Walker +28
Paul Walker

I too have dreamed of such a device, if they were real and actually worked, I'd have a pair in a heartbeat, but he needs to work on the flapping a bit, so his arms only go up and down as much as the wings, not more, and work on a stronger more effective tail for steering and control in flight, also, a way to fold the wings up, so you can walk around easier with them on your back, and the look, change the colour to a dark brown or black, and they would resemble a bat's wings or that of a dragon or Pterosaur, nice, how much for a set please ? when perfected. :-))

4 года назад
KinGabriel +445

Why hasn’t anyone tried this in the last 8 years

Год назад
aster_ jules +5
aster_ jules

Ok. So I’ve always loved birds and the idea of humans being able to fly with wings. I read the Maximum Ride series and that gave me a ton of inspiration. Is there any logical scientific way to build a pair of wings that could give a human liftoff? It would require a ton of math and study but could it be possible? If so HOW DO I DO IT. it’s a crazy idea but I can’t get it out of my head.

Год назад
Nᴇᴅ +107

With those wings he would have been able to fly, if the wings would flap harder.

3 года назад
Beni Rodriguez +92
Beni Rodriguez

while a man can never have the muscle power in the pecs to actually flap like that to fly... it is actually very possible to make a mechanism that could flap those wings with just "flapping" with our fingers.. so "technically/mecanically" it should be possible! NOW.. there needs to be a person who would like the idea to actually put his life on play for this, and the right mechanic skills.. I could in fact be such a person!.. IF I had the money to invest my time (a couple of years at least) to this.

5 лет назад
Christopher Johnson
Christopher Johnson

In order to fly, the wingspan would need to be at least 7 meters (about 23 ft), which could feasibly lift the weight of a human. However, one would need to flap such wings harder than a human can to fly like a bird does. Most hang gliders have a wingspan of approximately 9 meters (about 30 ft), which is wide enough for gliding through the air.

3 года назад
Bob Adkins +2
Bob Adkins

Man can fly if he weighs 90 pounds, is as strong as a 250-pound athlete, and has the endurance of a 440 yard sprinter.

Год назад
Kurt W +1
Kurt W

It's not just a question of the wings. The bigger question is strength. Pound for pound, birds have upper body strength that is almost unimaginable.

Год назад
lenen +20

I ALWAYS WANTED TO FLY seeing what its like when your so high from the ground

3 года назад
Richard Woltz +1
Richard Woltz

He uses the phones to control the servos that flap the wings. Brilliant!

Год назад
Terry van der Horn +20
Terry van der Horn

I love the idea but for it to work the wing has to fold up when it moves up.

Год назад
B Chipper
B Chipper

As a kid I had dreams I could float and fly around my house and neighborhood at night, still do lol maybe one day

14 дней назад
Attilio Bastos Guarnieri +1
Attilio Bastos Guarnieri

Se isso funciona, é incrível como ninguém fez mais nada depois de oito anos.

Год назад
Ben Taylor +17
Ben Taylor

"At least he doesn't have to deal with the TSA"

2 года назад


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